Established in 2010, The Oyster Club welcomes business owners and professionals at decision making level.


A refreshingly old fashioned and elegant approach to establishing and maintaining business connections. No need for name badges, forced referrals, or uncomfortable elevator pitches and deliberately not a membership club.

Having attended too many events where everyone manically shoved business cards at each other and nobody was interested in forging actual relationships, our founder Tanya Mann Rennick saw the need to establish a new forum that served its guests better.

The Oyster Club is far removed from the pressure of a structured networking event, however at a senior level, it is actually far more effective, and actually enjoyable; certainly a bonus when our time is highly valuable. We help each other develop innovative business ideas and where appropriate, we share our contacts. From time to time, business leaders, inspirational entrepreneurs and even contradictory mavericks are selectively invited to deliver presentations; stimulating debate and helping us maintain our position as leaders at the forefront of our respective enterprises.

Business relationships and friendships are built on trust, reciprocity and a genuine commitment to caring for each other. The ultimate pinnacle is to become ambassadors for one another. Our connections are extended by making personal and valuable introductions. The Oyster Club is unique in that you don’t have to join to attend. No badges. No forced referrals. The Oyster Club clearly isn’t for everyone, but if our ethos resonates with you, then it probably is just what you have been waiting for.