Three Things I Hate On Social Media

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There are currently three irritations yanking my chain in a big way on my beloved Social Media. We run the risk of turning off in droves if this persists. So what are these blatant blunders? Random people who have no interaction with me, asking me “Like” their new Facebook page. Random people who have no

Margaret Thatcher R.I.P.

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“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” RIP IRON LADY. Whatever your opinion was of Maggie, she was and still is a role model for women everywhere. When I attended a reception at 10 Downing Street and ascended that famous staircase, other than Winston Churchill, the

On Matthew

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I met Matthew today, he was sitting on the ground near Pret A Manger on Piccadilly. I bought him soup, coffee, two sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and a smoothie, to share with his friend. We had a long chat while he ate. His beautiful blue eyes lit up when I mentioned Love Brigade, and he touched

Love Brigade

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  Do you know why someone ends up homeless? Neither do I. But perhaps you would be surprised if I told you I have three good friends who are fairly well educated, including one professional; they are all intelligent, drug free and sane and yet each one of them had a period of time when

Mind Your Language

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Following yet another rant about swearing on social media, I am reminded of a blog I wrote a little while ago. Here it is, because I haven’t changed my mind… Reading a delightful vintage book on Etiquette the other day reminded me of how the English language is constantly changing and developing. The book is written in

On Networking #99

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Are You Networking Like a Cynic?   Have you ever met a Cynic while out networking? Watch out; they could be attending the very event you are at, with great reluctance. They know that they ought to try out a networking event, although they cannot understand what the point of it is.   Often, someone

Movie Review: Frankenweenie

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Frankenweenie is very Tim Burton; dark and strange. The animation is beautiful and the sentiment is sweet, but I think it is more than a little disturbing and even my eleven year old said he found it morbid in the extreme. There is very little comedy or lightness in this black and white film. The

Your First Impression Online

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In the virtual world, a place where we seem to live more and more, I am surprised at the lack of care and attention to presenting a suitable personal/public image. Some experts say that we form our assessment of people when first meeting them by as much as ninety-seven percent, on appearance alone. If that

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