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The Cultured Pearl Club

The Cultured Pearl Salon is your time to spend with like minded interesting people who want to switch of the television and do something more interesting. Come and see what it’s all about. No previous knowledge necessary. It’s not stuffy, it’s perfectly pitched and it’s utterly fabulous. TRY SOMETHING NEW. Feed your soul… Tell me you want to know more…

Meet interesting intelligent fellow networkers. Expand your art, history and literature knowledge in a dynamic and interactive new way.

Have you ever fancied the opportunity to learn something a little bit different but were worried it might be too boring or dry or time consuming? Here is a chance for you to learn about art, history and literature – and call it “part of your job”. All the events include supper and of course – networking – with lots of lovely people!

It’s ideal for both busy professionals and also for those who do not work but would like to mix with other like minded people and enjoy broadening their horizons.

The Cultured Pearl Club meets on the third Thursday of every month

Join us for an entertaining evening of culture, conversation, wine and supper with Professor Barrie Garnham discussing the Pre-Raphaelites

“The hard, un-emontional business networking of the last century is so dead, it just does not offer the right energy for this millenium. Tanya is one front runner lady who has opened the portals to a new way for business contacts to happen, simply by taking some of the business focus out and putting socializing and information exchange into the equation.”

Do get in touch via the website if you are interested in joining a very friendly and welcoming group who are keen to expand their knowledge in a friendly way.

The next Seed Pearl Breakfast is on Wednesday 12th February

The next All The Pearls Lunch is on Tuesday 25th March 

Come to the Oyster Club on Friday 28th February! 

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