Lee Clarke

Mastermind Strategy

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Please enjoy this excellent guest post by Lee Clarke, our most treasured Black Pearl.   The Black Pearl Strategy Lunch today was a great success, made so by the people who came along. What was interesting about this is every one of us has made worthwhile connections through The Oyster Club, and started building on

Sexist Networking?

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What do you think about Single Sex Networking? Does that work for you? Do you think women should be the only ones to attend gender specific groups, or should men have their own clubs? But isn’t that just wiping out the last hundred years of women’s struggle for equality? My sources reveal that the backlash to

What To Wear When Networking

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People often ask me what they should wear when out networking. Although I am somewhat reluctant to be considered sensible, I would hate you to have another moment’s conundrum, so I will endeavour to be as helpful as I possibly can. Dress as you want others to perceive you; it is as simple as that.

Three Things I Hate On Social Media

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There are currently three irritations yanking my chain in a big way on my beloved Social Media. We run the risk of turning off in droves if this persists. So what are these blatant blunders? Random people who have no interaction with me, asking me “Like” their new Facebook page. Random people who have no

The Power of Influence

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I gave a talk on 24th April at RBS about Serendipity in Networking. I mentioned patience, and used growing a bean in a glass as an analogy. First you get the boring bit, the tap root, long before the green shoot comes. In other words, build relationships before expecting people to come across with advice

On Networking #99

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Are You Networking Like a Cynic?   Have you ever met a Cynic while out networking? Watch out; they could be attending the very event you are at, with great reluctance. They know that they ought to try out a networking event, although they cannot understand what the point of it is.   Often, someone

Your First Impression Online

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In the virtual world, a place where we seem to live more and more, I am surprised at the lack of care and attention to presenting a suitable personal/public image. Some experts say that we form our assessment of people when first meeting them by as much as ninety-seven percent, on appearance alone. If that

Networking #100

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 “The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo.” *  Networking at Seminars and Conferences Part One. Are You Networking Like A Lovelorn Puppy?   I like to think of myself as *Desmonderella Morris. He of course, is the famous human sociobiologist, and I do not have a single ology to my

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