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Guest Blog from Lee Clarke

I asked on LinkedIn;

What do you think of Master Mind Groups? Would you like to join one? Do you know the benefits?

The buzz right now is all about Master Mind Groups. People are paying upwards of a thousand pounds a month to attend similar strategy meetings and this is offered as a complimentary part of being a Black Pearl! It’s a no brainer…The benefit of the Black Pearl’s expertise is shared to really make this exciting part of the membership. It’s just four times a year and pays huge dividends.

Lee responded;

I’m a member of three amazing mastermind groups, the Black Pearl being the most eclectic and enjoyable, and so far this year, the most productive for a true entrepreneur.

Last night I was at Mindy Gibbins-Klein’s Published Authors Club where six of us with very different experience resolved issues for each other relating to authoring and publishing of our books while enjoying dinner in one of London’s best Italian restaurants.

I’ve also been fortunate to be a member for the last 25 years of the Toptrak IFA mastermind group, which in common with my other two groups, focuses on innovation and creating new opportunities for tomorrow, rather than fighting fires in the “Yesterday Department”.

What I enjoy so much about the structure of the Oyster Club is the way you (Tanya) have brought people together of similar levels in business and intellect. This is key to any mastermind group, the emphasis being on “master”‘, the members being at the apex of their particular profession and willing to share their own expertise.

The media may thrive on negative events, however as long as there are groups as lively and full of the “Can do” attitude typical of the members of the Oyster Club, the future looks very good to me. Lee Clarke

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