On Matthew

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I met Matthew today, he was sitting on the ground near Pret A Manger on Piccadilly. I bought him soup, coffee, two sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and a smoothie, to share with his friend. We had a long chat while he ate. His beautiful blue eyes lit up when I mentioned Love Brigade, and he touched

Love Brigade

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  Do you know why someone ends up homeless? Neither do I. But perhaps you would be surprised if I told you I have three good friends who are fairly well educated, including one professional; they are all intelligent, drug free and sane and yet each one of them had a period of time when

A Message for The Year

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  During these holidays I have taken the time to mediate and reflect on a thought I was exploring a few months ago; the idea of Kindness in contrast to Love. After our basic requirements, Kindness is what elevates us to the greatest heights of humanity and is really so simple to give. Love is

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