Do You Give In?

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It seems that we give up and give in all too easily. Take the tube strike for example. The amount of people who simply give in these days is shameful. But is it? Isn’t it all so convenient, now we all have laptops, remote access to this and that, mobile telephones, and grocery deliveries to

Living D’reckly

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The South-Africans say Just Now, which could mean anytime, even things that happen in the past. Bonkers. I think it really is less of a word and more a notion, just like Mañana, and that word loosely translated to Cornish becomes D’reckly. Now this fabulous colloquial expression is the easiest way to describe the laid back temperament of the West Country. The

The Power of Influence

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I gave a talk on 24th April at RBS about Serendipity in Networking. I mentioned patience, and used growing a bean in a glass as an analogy. First you get the boring bit, the tap root, long before the green shoot comes. In other words, build relationships before expecting people to come across with advice

On Matthew

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I met Matthew today, he was sitting on the ground near Pret A Manger on Piccadilly. I bought him soup, coffee, two sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and a smoothie, to share with his friend. We had a long chat while he ate. His beautiful blue eyes lit up when I mentioned Love Brigade, and he touched

Love Brigade

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  Do you know why someone ends up homeless? Neither do I. But perhaps you would be surprised if I told you I have three good friends who are fairly well educated, including one professional; they are all intelligent, drug free and sane and yet each one of them had a period of time when

Movie Review: Frankenweenie

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Frankenweenie is very Tim Burton; dark and strange. The animation is beautiful and the sentiment is sweet, but I think it is more than a little disturbing and even my eleven year old said he found it morbid in the extreme. There is very little comedy or lightness in this black and white film. The

Networking #100

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 “The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo.” *  Networking at Seminars and Conferences Part One. Are You Networking Like A Lovelorn Puppy?   I like to think of myself as *Desmonderella Morris. He of course, is the famous human sociobiologist, and I do not have a single ology to my

Dining Alfresco in London

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With sweeping views over Soho, the roof terrace seemed to be the perfect place to catch up with my dear friend last night.  Leaving my club and strolling along to her’s (well it was more of a trot really; I am forever late and there’s not much clearance in my gait due to um, my

Andy Lopata

Guest Blog from Andy Lopata

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Mr Networker, Andy Lopota shares his experience of meeting Camila Batmanghelidjh at the Black Pearl Club. “Christmas is coming and for most of us it means time spent with the family, exchanging presents and relaxing in a warm and friendly environment. Not everyone is so lucky though and it is important to remember those who don’t

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