Black Pearl 15th September 2016


Tanya has redefined networking. In fact, it is not networking as I have ever experienced it!
The Oyster Club is the best business networking event I’ve ever been to x1,000.
As a student of history, for me Tanya creates a networking environment reminiscent of the salons of Emerald Cunard and her circle. Tanya is the epitome of warmth and gracious welcome, combined with a focus that reminds all that business can be both profitable and pleasurable.
I would urge any individual or business to attend the Oyster Club. The organisation of the event and the quality of the attendees is first class and makes for great networking. Tanya is a great host and does her best to introduce people and keep the energy high during the meeting.
Thanks for an excellent networking breakfast ... fabulous, fabulous people.
Tanya has managed to gracefully organise some of the most successful business professionals from all parts of England into a comfortable setting. I particularly enjoyed the mix between socialising and connecting with professionals in the same field on a business level, thank you Tanya!
I was struck by the high level of professionalism of The Oyster Club and the fact that Tanya has made it possible for her members and guests to connect in a friendly, fun, low-pressure environment.