Movie Review: Frankenweenie

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Frankenweenie is very Tim Burton; dark and strange. The animation is beautiful and the sentiment is sweet, but I think it is more than a little disturbing and even my eleven year old said he found it morbid in the extreme. There is very little comedy or lightness in this black and white film. The


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Last night’s Cultured Pearl Salon was completely fascinating. Psychosexual and relationship therapist Shanta Gyanchand gave an insightful talk and then led a most stimulating discussion on the subject of monogamy. Is serial monogamy (as opposed to lifetime) really a better outcome for women who have been cast aside for another? In poligamous relationships that woman would


The Cultured Pearl Club

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The Cultured Pearl Salon is your time to spend with like minded interesting people who want to switch of the television and do something more interesting. Come and see what it’s all about. No previous knowledge necessary. It’s not stuffy, it’s perfectly pitched and it’s utterly fabulous. TRY SOMETHING NEW. Feed your soul… Tell me

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