On Holiday?

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Click here to get in the holiday mood with Coconut Airways! As business slows down for the summer, it provides a wonderful opportunity for networking.There are fewer meetings for people to attend and greater chances to secure time with people who are usually very busy.If you find yourself at work for the next couple of

Traffic Warden


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I very nearly had a complete and utter temper tantrum in the middle of Berkeley Square, but then if you’re going to have one, you may as well do it somewhere lovely. Having found a plum space, my telephone parking failed because I’ve changed registration plates too many times. The system couldn’t cope. The meter


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Caught on Film… On my way into The Late Late Breakfast Show with the fabulous Bernie Mitchell, I walked through a room with a the most inviting dance floor, the type that is illuminated  and chequered. There was nobody else in the room. Spontaneously, I pirouetted across the floor and my friend Felicity took out


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I updated my status on facebook to say that “I’m never poking anyone back again. It’s silly.” This attracted several comments and lots of direct messages which have taken me quite by surprise. I thought “poking” was just an annoying way to get someone’s attention but it turns out that it’s full of sexual innuendo.

Rachel Elnaugh

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Can You Tame A Dragon? Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, I had been getting to know the former first lady BBC TV’s Dragon Rachel Elnaugh. I invited her to meet me and we enjoyed a fantastic lunch as a result. It was great to spend time with Rachel and I got countless tips and

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