Three Things I Hate On Social Media

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There are currently three irritations yanking my chain in a big way on my beloved Social Media. We run the risk of turning off in droves if this persists. So what are these blatant blunders? Random people who have no interaction with me, asking me “Like” their new Facebook page. Random people who have no

The Power of Influence

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I gave a talk on 24th April at RBS about Serendipity in Networking. I mentioned patience, and used growing a bean in a glass as an analogy. First you get the boring bit, the tap root, long before the green shoot comes. In other words, build relationships before expecting people to come across with advice

Guest Blog – Jeroen Geut

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The End – Or The Beginning Of Something New?  It’s that time of the year, last week it was the end of another tax year. Now I don’t know if it was a good or a bad one for you, fact is a lot of people get themselves unnecessarily stressed. With a new tax year

Margaret Thatcher R.I.P.

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“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” RIP IRON LADY. Whatever your opinion was of Maggie, she was and still is a role model for women everywhere. When I attended a reception at 10 Downing Street and ascended that famous staircase, other than Winston Churchill, the

On Matthew

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I met Matthew today, he was sitting on the ground near Pret A Manger on Piccadilly. I bought him soup, coffee, two sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and a smoothie, to share with his friend. We had a long chat while he ate. His beautiful blue eyes lit up when I mentioned Love Brigade, and he touched

Love Brigade Video Post

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PLEASE ENJOY OUR SHORT VIDEO      The next Seed Pearl Breakfast is on Wednesday 12th February The next All The Pearls Lunch is on Tuesday 25th March  Come to the Oyster Club on Friday 28th February!  Like my writing? Then sign up for Pearls of Wisdom !

Love Brigade

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  Do you know why someone ends up homeless? Neither do I. But perhaps you would be surprised if I told you I have three good friends who are fairly well educated, including one professional; they are all intelligent, drug free and sane and yet each one of them had a period of time when

A Message for The Year

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  During these holidays I have taken the time to mediate and reflect on a thought I was exploring a few months ago; the idea of Kindness in contrast to Love. After our basic requirements, Kindness is what elevates us to the greatest heights of humanity and is really so simple to give. Love is

Are You Meeting Too Many People at Networking Events?

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Ok, so you’ve attended  an excellent networking meeting, party, book launch or seminar and made some great new contacts. If you’ve taken my advice, you’ll have no more than five or six people to follow up with if that is the only event you’ll be attending that week; even less if you are planning to

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