Excuse Me!

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Since when has it been my responsibility to move out of the way for people texting as they walk down the street? Who has decided that these lolloping liabilities have the right to command priority? Why are they not arrested for undue care and attention? How about a citizen’s arrest for Irresponsible ambling or precaution-less

Sexist Networking?

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What do you think about Single Sex Networking? Does that work for you? Do you think women should be the only ones to attend gender specific groups, or should men have their own clubs? But isn’t that just wiping out the last hundred years of women’s struggle for equality? My sources reveal that the backlash to

What To Wear When Networking

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People often ask me what they should wear when out networking. Although I am somewhat reluctant to be considered sensible, I would hate you to have another moment’s conundrum, so I will endeavour to be as helpful as I possibly can. Dress as you want others to perceive you; it is as simple as that.

What if YOU were PM for just one day?

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Here I am, outside 10 Downing Street, taken as I was leaving a reception. A dear friend wrote, “Next time you go through that door, how about taking your packing cases and family too? We could do with someone with your drive, determination, humanity and common sense permanently installed in No. 10!!!” Once I recovered from

Jennifer Livingstone, it is YOU who is The Bully.

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  An American TV Anchorwoman, who was sent an email privately criticizing her for being overweight, went public with her response. Intrigued, and a stalwart supporter of the underdog, I watched the video, hoping to side with the plumptious presenter, especially as it triumphantly claims she stands up to a “bully.” Having watched the video,

What's Your Story


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So what is your story? Are you playing the same one over and over again? Where does that get you? Do you make excuses for situations in your life now because of “stuff” that happened in the past? Perhaps you know someone that still goes on and on about things that happened last week, last


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I write a fair bit, and my spelling and punctuation are far from perfect. Sometimes, especially if I am fired up about something, I’ll write how I speak, and this challenges the pedants out there, who love to correct my grammatical gaffes. I am most appreciative of my ever watchful literary guardian angels. A friend recently

Child in Restaurant

Screaming Babies In Restaurants

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Not so long ago, I dined with friends, in a restaurant where a baby of about 18 months screamed so loudly and continuously, we could hardly hear each other speak. The restaurant was the sort with white linen table cloths and waiters; there were things on the menu like veluté, foam, and jus. You get

Guest Blog – Les Conway

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In January, I like to make Vision Boards with my clients and members. At this halfway mark, several of them have come back to me to report on how well they are working. Here’s Les Conway of Essentially Financial sharing his views. At the January 2013 Seed Pearl Breakfast, we were encouraged to bring a

EU Parliament Interview

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Tanya Mann Rennick’s Advice to European Women Entrepreneurs   The next Seed Pearl Breakfast is on Wednesday 12th February The next All The Pearls Lunch is on Tuesday 25th March  Come to the Oyster Club on Friday 28th February!  Like my writing? Then sign up for Pearls of Wisdom !

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