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By the time you read this, Scotland will have voted, and the results will be all over the news. It looks like we’ve made our bed, and we’re staying together.

Perhaps you may be relieved to read that this has nothing to do with the Historic Event.

Or it may do – but just a teeny bit.

You see, I was a bit troubled by the “No going back” stance. Taking this away from the political arena, I found myself smarting at those words, and I’ve spent less than a week of my life in Tartanlandia.

It’s almost a year since we left London to start a new life in the Duchy. We adore our new home. The boys over-developed-X-box thumb muscles are gradually shrinking, and instead they have developed almost webbed feet from spending so much time in the sea. Their favourite supper is pasties on the beach with salt in their hair. My idea of dressing-up is wearing matching wellies. Oh yes, we are so very happily Cornish now.

But when we packed up all our things to make the three hundred and twenty mile move, those around me said things like, “We’ll miss you, and if it doesn’t work out, you can always come back…”

I know I am not a country, and I cannot imagine how David Cameron feels this morning, although he is probably relieved but very tired. I’m sure he’s been up all night. He’s best not to have an energy drink – I’ve just read about the secret ingredient in several of them.

It just that he sounded like a old boyfriend, mad with paranoia, shouting after a pouting babe who is flouncing out the door, “If you leave me, don’t come back!” Grrr… where is the love? Where is the sexy confidence that says, “Go. I hope you find what you are looking for. If you don’t, and I am still here, the door will be open…”

Wouldn’t it be lovely if Daveybaby could have told Scotland as she was considering the idea of kicking England out the door, that although we don’t want to separate, if you feel you must, then please know if it doesn’t work out in five years, and we still haven’t moved on, we may just get it together again.

Please do not write to me to explain why this was not politically possible. It’s all academic now anyway. But that is not my point…

Tanya x

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