A Write of Passage

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It turns out that two of my three children will experience an official Rite of Passage this year. Personally, I don’t think these official ones mean all that much. They often come and go, with very little in the way of marking the event, other than a hugely expensive party, and a bunch of garish

Pedantic Semantics

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Following yet another rant about swearing on social media, I am reminded of a blog I wrote a little while ago. Here it is, because I haven’t changed my mind… Reading a delightful vintage book on Etiquette the other day reminded me of how the English language is constantly changing and developing. The book is written in

Xtrainer or Cross Trainer?

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I am not terribly keen on going to the gym, in fact, I almost drag my feet, but once I am there, and I’ve hopped onto the Xtrainer, I am a very happy bunny. It’s all to do with my headphones, or are they earphones or ear buds? I thought they were for gunge removal.

Man At Airport


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The train track is still swinging over a void where once was earth, and the current topic of conversation for us beleaguered and bedraggled commuters from Cornwall to London is the comparison of routes to see whose version is quicker. If the storm weary among us listen to yet more tedious advice, we just might

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