Three Things I Hate On Social Media

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There are currently three irritations yanking my chain in a big way on my beloved Social Media. We run the risk of turning off in droves if this persists.

So what are these blatant blunders?

  • Random people who have no interaction with me, asking me “Like” their new Facebook page.
  • Random people who have no interaction with me, asking me to “Recommend” them on LinkedIn.
  • Random people who have no interaction with me, asking me to vote for them in “Awards” contests.


No prizes for guessing the common denominator here.

Why are we devaluing our own opinions, and those of others?

I freely admit, I have often clicked the “Like” button on Facebook, but it’s without much forethought, and means very little. I never go back to that page once I’ve done it, but I was of the opinion that if it helped someone along, I was doing a good deed. Now, I am not so sure, for it counts for naught, if we all behave in this way. However, of these Social Media faux pas, and though worthy of a mention, it is the least irritating of the three.

Absolute strangers have the temerity to approach me on LinkedIn to ask for a recommendation with the offer to return the same. But how can they do such a thing, if they do not actually know me? I have actually had several notes saying something along the lines of  “I’ll like you, if you like me…” If I know the person, but have not had the good fortune to sample their product or service, I would be delighted to say as much. I have no problem vouching for one’s character, but blatant lying is unacceptable. As the net becomes wider and deeper, we must increasingly rely on people to tell us the truth, so that we can make informed decisions, otherwise the system is completely pointless.

I’d love to win an award one day, but apart from the ones with the ribbons the Queen gives you, affording the opportunity to buy an amusing hat and pop up to the palace, I am not sure they count for much these days, other than a popularity contest. It seems to be a question of badgering everyone you know to vote for what then turns out to be something that nobody values anyway.

The concept of these Awards Events is brilliant. I commend the promotor’s canny acumen. Of course we all want to be recognised by our peers, and these competitions provide an excellent forum. But they now seem to have worryingly gathered speed and force, and have become something other than a simple acknowledgement of one’s achievements within a specific sector.

It seems we have an elephant in the room. At the risk of offending several of my friends and business colleagues, please allow me to explain it is not personal. If I know you, it is because I think you are brilliant, and I will sing your praises, using every means of communication currently available to me. To those who know me well, my recommendations usually come via a personally addressed email. But, of course, rest assured, I will vote for you, and congratulate you, even raise my glass and toast you, if and when you win your prize.

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