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Harry Moseley & Joanna Gilbert
Harry Moseley

Help Harry Help Others

Harry the Hero

A few months ago I was at the Black Pearl Dinner sitting opposite a man named Brian. Brian wore a bracelet that was made up of red and White beads and looked like it was made by my 4 year old daughter. Intrigued I asked him what the story was with the bracelet and what he told me changed me and changed my life.

It turned out that an 11 year old boy with a brain tumour called Harry Moseley made that bracelet to raise awareness for his charity which was part of Cancer Research. The charity launch was on the following Thursday and Brian asked if I would like to go to the Kensington Hotel and see Harry speak.

There was a shift in me there and then and I wanted to do something to help this little boy who was wise beyond his years. I was honoured to attend the launch.

Voted Britain’s Kindest Kid in 2009, Harry spoke about his fight with the dreaded cancer and how he wanted to make a difference to the world and find a cure for treating brain tumors in children.

I met his mum, Georgie, his PE teacher, his Head Teacher, Ben Shephard, Gary Liniker and all the cancer research team supporting him and was completely blown away by his entrepreneurial abilities, confidence and humor. The inevitable was happening to him but rather than let it take over his life he channeled his energy with the help of an amazing mum into putting something good back into the world.

His twitter following grew from 1000 to 80000 in 5 months. The England Football team supported him, Brian spoke of football clubs each having their club colours turned into bracelets and being sold through the club shop. There were replenishment issues in that Harry and his family were making all the bracelets and the demand was growing such that he needed more and more people to help him in his tree house. (Brian was hired then sacked!)

The charity launch then made way for the school launch where I was lucky enough to present a painting called ‘I See’ to Harry as a surprise along with two footballers Michael Johnson and Ian Taylor from Aston villa and Birmingham city football teams.

One of the most important days of my life was this day and the feeling I got from investing just a little time in providing someone with a painting, something that comes naturally and easily to me, was amazing.

A short while after I received the most special letter from harry saying thank you. I will treasure this letter and the many memories I have of Harry forever and a day.

I am one of the lucky ones, I met Harry. He did not know it but he has shaped my business, my outlook and future. And I am thankful to have known such a boy.

Let the light shine on for Harry.

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